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"Music isn't enough. Performers aren't enough. There must be someone who loves music as much as life. For you, and remember this always, those of us with something urgent to say, we give everything."

-William Kapell

We are delighted to announce the release of:

A Lasting Record by Stephen Downes
A LASTING RECORD tells the unique true story of two separate but interconnected lives: New Yorker William Kapell, ss greatest home-grown concert pianist, and Roy Preston, Melbourne-based Myer cosmetics salesman and classical music aficionado.
Kapell and Preston are united by one single acetate, containing a Chopin sonata recorded by Roy from ss last concert in the regional Australian city of Geelong. With a mix of detective work and imagination, from this single acetate, Stephen Downes tells a spellbinding tale of the greatest pianist who almost never was, and his eccentric and passionate fan.